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14 Go-To Sneakers For The Summer

A little sneaker heat for the summer!

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1. Adidas Stan Smiths

Instagram: @yoanty / Via Instagram

Classic summer sneaker for only $75 here.

2. Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit

Instagram: @bull1trc / Via Instagram

Triple-white colorway here for $160.

3. Adidas NMD

Instagram: @thatlondonfella / Via Instagram

There's a lot of hype around these, but if you can manage to get your hands on them they are worth the effort. Learn more about the NMD here.

4. Air Max Zero

Instagram: @kojiromi / Via

Comes in all sorts of colorways for $150.

5. Saucony Shadow 5000

Instagram: @sneakersapp / Via Instagram

Going for $80.

6. Nintendo Vans

Instagram: @dcomcustomized / Via Instagram

A super-dope collab between Nintendo and Vans that should add some fun to your look!

7. KD 9 Pre-Heat

Instagram: @rich_mike23 / Via Instragram

Awesome new KD model that works for casual and activewear. Retail is $150, and you can learn more about these here.

8. Jordan 5 Low

Instagram: @solecitynj / Via Instagram

The Jordan 5 Low is a definite go-to sneaker for summer. You can find plenty of colorways on starting at $175.

9. Jordan 2 Low

Instagram: @rich_mike23 / Via Instagram

Get 'em for $160.

10. Jordan 11 Low

Instagram: @sneakersapp / Via Instagram

Can't go wrong with 11 Lows over the summer. Learn more about them on here.

11. Jordan 1 Low

Instagram: @dennis_loi88 / Via Instagram

When all else fails the Jordan 1 Low is always a winner! $104 over at

12. Reebok Classics

Instagram: @anwaakong / Via Instagram

The perfect old-school summer look for only $74.99 on

13. Adidas Shell Toes

Instagram: @tommy_cousins / Via Instagram

You can never go wrong with a clean shell toe! Pick them up for $80 on

14. Nike Roshe Run

Instagram: @theclosetinc / Via Instagram

Perhaps the most comfortable shoe on this list! Perfect for everyday wear and only $75 here.

Enjoy the summer, Sneaker Heads!

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