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    Katy Perry Made This Delicious Cherry Pie Before Dropping Her New Single, Bon Appétit

    Makin' pies and hits at the SAME TIME! Something only Katy can do.

    Katy Perry just dropped her new single, Bon Appétit. You can listen to the new track here! Isn't it fitting that Katy whipped up this cherry pie just in time for her new single? Bon Appétit, indeed!

    Here's a video showing you how Katy made it!

    View this video on YouTube

    And here it is...Cherry Pie as made by Katy Perry! Don't you want to take a bite?

    Here's the recipe straight from Katy herself!

    Bake me a pie and you may get a surprise 😉🍒

    Try it for yourself! Make it while you listen to her new song for the ultimate experience. Bon appétit!