Here's An Appetizing Recipe For Frozen Yogurt Granola Cups That You Need In Your Life


    Frozen Yogurt Granola Cups

    Here's a video to show how it's made:

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    Makes 12 granola cups.

    1 cup granola

    1 Tbsp. butter (melted)

    1 Tbsp. Honey

    24 oz yogurt of choice

    Fruit of choice (we used blackberries, raspberries, and chopped strawberries)


    In a bowl, combine one cup granola, one Tbsp. melted butter, and one Tbsp. honey. Mix well.

    Fill a muffin tin with cup liners and divide granola mixture across all, evenly covering the bottoms. Fill each cup with yogurt and top with fruit. Freeze for two or more hours.

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