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    5 Amazing Things You Did Not Know About The Adamah Fellowship

    In case you needed MORE reasons to join us . . . Applications for the Adamah 2014 Fellowship are now available. Farm, Sing, Learn, Love!

    1. We Are Located at a Spiritual Retreat Center

    2. We Are a Working, Certified Organic Farm

    Food from the Adamah Farm feeds hundreds of families, retreat guests and people with limited income.

    3. We Are Surrounded by Forests, Mountains, 2 Lakes and the Most Mikvehed* River in North America!

    *Mikveh = Pre-Shabbat Dunk

    4. Our Alumni Network Includes the Founders of: Eden Village Camp, Jewish Farm School, Pearlstone Farm, Shoresh, Urban Adamah, Wilderness Torah, Grow and Behold, Yiddish Farm, and . . .

    5. Each Cohort Participates in Earth-Based Holy Day Rituals (Sometimes with Goats!), Food Justice Trainings, and Kosher Slaughter

    Applications for the Adamah 2014 Fellowship are now available. Farm, Sing, Learn, Love!

    Now in its tenth successful year, the Adamah Fellowship is a two/three-month leadership training program for Jewish young adults in their twenties and early thirties that integrates organic farming, sustainable living, Jewish learning, community building, and contemplative spiritual practice. Our fellows live surrounded by the beauty of the natural world and the vibrancy of a spiritual retreat center in the Connecticut Berkshires. Adamah Fellowship is located at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, a program of Hazon.

    Fellowship Dates:

    Spring: April 7 - June 15

    Summer: June 11 - September 1

    Fall: August 27 - December 8

    Visit the Adamah website for more details and to apply. Questions? Email

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