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The Best Couples From Degrassi: The Next Generation

Get ready for an incoming wave of feels.

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The non definitive, non ranking list of the most yummy couples from Degrassi: The Next Generation (Seasons 1-9).


All right, I will get some backlash here. Granted that Craig and Manny's relationship started only because Craig cheated on Ashley in Season 3, I mean come on, look at how delicious he is! (With swag like that, I wouldn't mind being the homewrecker for once)! You have to admit though that their tumultuous relationship was pretty steamy (and nothing says scandalous and good TV than that oh-so-famous Ashley- Craig- Manny triangle). Though they broke up for the third (and final) time in Season 6, lest we forget those endless nights of wondering about the next steps in their relationship. Thank you MANTOS for playing with our emotions for four seasons- as now, we've learned not to trust people so easily (no matter how good looking they are)!


Okay, we all know how this relationship turns out (Marco eventually comes out of the closet). However, this relationship is awesome because it is one of the few which remain platonic throughout the rest of the show. First off, can we talk about how on point Ellie's hair was when the two first met in Season 2?! If you have hair like that AND you like to read dark literature, you got me. Also, it was so cute how Ellie asked Marco if he thought she was hot when they tried to prove their relationship to each other in Ashley Kerwin's bedroom. In the end though, Marco realizes he's gay and comes out to Ellie. Though it's sad that the two didn't work out romantically, they had more than their fair share of memories during their friendship throughout the rest of the seasons. Can someone say, BFFL?


Prepare the tissues and hold back your tears for this one.

James Tiberius (J.T.) Yorke and Liberty VanZandt are the oddest couple of the bunch, but yet their relationship just worked. Their friendship (rather say, frenemies) started off in Season 1 as they both ran for Student Council. Having saved J.T. from getting in trouble with Mr. Simpson by taking the blame for the paper airplane he threw across the classroom, it is later revealed that Liberty has a crush on him. Unfortunately, he did not return the feelings. It wasn't until a few seasons later that their relationship blossomed as they recover following the tragic events of the school shooting.

Then of course their tumultuous relationship began with two breakups, Liberty's pregnancy and giving her baby up for adoption, and J.T.'s attempt at suicide.

J.T. suffered an untimely and tragic death (I'm holding back tears on this one). The saddest part was that he and Liberty didn't get to reveal their true, undying feelings for each other. :(

Jiberty makes this list because through everything they went through, they were always destined to be together. Their relationship also teaches us to tell the people we care about that we love them because we never know when the opportunities to tell them will be taken away from us <3


Once upon a time before Drake became...Drake, he played the character of Jimmy Brooks.

Of all the original students in the first season, these love birds were the only ones introduced together as a couple. PDA was no problem for these two (whether others wanted to see it or not). Their relationship soured over the first few seasons as they grew apart from each other. After taking drugs at her house party and making out with Sean, Jashley had broken apart and Ashley decided to go nut crazy and cut off all her hair and go goth. Though you gotta admit, black was very suiting for her.

But Ashley returned in Season 5 after studying in England and decided to rekindle the relationship even after Jimmy was shot and put in a wheelchair. Though Jimmy's confidence level in, er, his waist down area, was lacking, Ashley still doesn't want to call it quits and tells Jimmy he is "all the man she has ever wanted."

This makes the list because: 1- Ashley looked on point with her dark eyeliner in her goth days and 2- Physical disabilities should never prevent you from getting it on,


In their early years, Paige and Spinner reminded us of the innocence (and awkwardness) of teenage dating. Many a "Honeybees" were thrown around when they were first starting out- too many to a point where we would get nauseous from the corny-ness. But I can't help but feel bad for a couple who has the worst luck when it comes to going to the homecoming dance. (For the "Hawaiian Luau", the two were both badly sunburned and completely orange. For another dance, Paige was sporting a broken leg on account of being thrown off the pyramid by cheerleaders Darcy and Manny).


All hail the ultimate power couple: Sean Cameron and Emma Nelson.

Not only do these two have a long history together, but they still remain friends (most of the time). Their awkward first date is probably the benchmark for every awkward first date we've all ever had in our middle/ high school dating era. (No offense to 99% of the guys I've ever been on a date with)!

Also, they both Neville LongBottom'ed, as in, they have both blossomed into beautiful people. I MEAN, COME ON, LOOK AT THEM. AREN'T THEY JUST DELICIOUS LOOKING HUMAN BEINGS?!



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