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20 Reasons Why Becky And Steve Are The BEST On Screen Couple Ever

If you watch Him & Her, then you already know! NSFW.

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1. They understand that when it comes to the one you love, money is no object.

2. They know how to keep things romantic.

3. They are each other's enablers.

4. They have no boundaries.

5. boundaries...

6. When negotiating, sexual persuasion is always an option.

7. They put up with annoying relatives.

8. And dorky gifts.

Where can we get these, btw?

9. They know when to lie to each other.

10. And when to tell the truth.

11. They educate each other on human biology.

12. And communicate via awkward faces.

13. They encourage heathy bowel movement.

14. They put up with each other's filth.

15. Pure filth.

16. She knows how to make him feel better.

17. And he supports her affinity for food.

18. But most importantly...she loves him...

19. ...and he loves her.

20. And no amount of annoying sisters or clingy neighbors could ever break them apart. We love you Becky and Steve!

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