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    The Best Songs Released This Summer To Add To Your Playlist

    Using the word summer loosely here, because did we really get one?

    It feels like summer has been and gone, but at least we got some tracks that will last a lifetime.

    Here's my list of the best songs that were released in July and August!

    Brent Faiyaz ft Drake – "Wasting Time"

    This song was written personally just for me and no one else, I'm just saying. My two favourite male artists came together and delivered exactly what they were supposed to deliver, a classic specifically for the toxic kings and queens we all love.

    DVSN, Ty Dolla $ign and Mac Miller – "I Believed It"

    I’m not going to pretend like hearing Mac's voice didn’t choke me up when this was released. Damn, I miss you Mac. But Ty Dolla $ign and DVSN did what they had to do on this track. Runs like no one has ever run before. This was the first track released before their joint album Cheers to the Best Memories – make sure you check it out, it's a blessing to the ears.

    Jaykae ft Jorja Smith – "1000 Nights"

     It's always nice to see Midlands solidarity – it clearly creates something magical. Birmingham born and bred Jaykae invites Walsall native, Jorja Smith on a more upbeat track than what we usually hear her on and, when Jorja slides on garage beats it always pays off. 

    Kyle Dion ft Ja Rule – "Placebo"

    An unexpected collaboration, but happy result.  It’s giving early 2010s, back when Gym Class Heroes were ruling the radio and every guy thought he could pull off a fedora – good vibes and stress-free.

    Snoh Aalegra ft James Fauntleroy – "ON MY MIND"

    It was not easy to pick one song from this album, there were a lot of hits. However, the one that has made it into my daily rotation is “ON MY MIND”.. Snoh's voice is really something to marvel at. Also if you're an OG Nickelodeon fan, Leon Thomas III AKA Andre Harris from Victorious produced and wrote on this track, which just makes it that much better for me.

    Little Simz – "I Love You, I Hate You"

    Little Simz dropped her best album to date this month, but before that she released this summer single. Simz on this album is not a Simz we'd had before, the energy is extra special and she’s not letting her foot off the gas. If you do anything today make sure you listen to her album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert.

    Charlotte Day Wilson – "Keep Moving"

    Canadian native Charlotte Day Wilson has a voice like no other, it's like liquid gold. Many of us have been on the edge of our seats waiting for this album and ALPHA did not disappoint. “Keep Moving” somehow keeps me in constant despair but I’m grooving to it, kind of like adulthood, right? 

    Mahalia – "Whenever Your Ready"

    Mahalia dropped a gem, a true gem. Sampling one of my all-time favourite tracks “Get It On Tonite '' by Montell Jordan, Mahalia killed it yet again with her third track of the year. And not only did she drop "Whenever You're Ready", but she also came with the remixes. Yes, actual remixes with extra features, that deserve to be shouted about.

    Normani ft Cardi B – "Wild Side"

    Normani dropping anything deserves to be shouted about. It’s no argument that “Wild Side” is the sexiest song to come out this year. It’s impossible to just play this song once, it's perfect from top to bottom. Also special shoutout to the homage to Aaliyah in the music video, it was simple but so perfect.

    ENNY – "Under 25"

    ENNY finally dropped her long-awaited EP and reminded the rest of us that she’s on a different playing field.  “Wake up, go to bed, do it all again” I may be 27 but I’m still living a baby girl lifestyle, and so this song resonated with me personally. ENNY emulates extreme good vibes, you want her in your circle immediately, she has such a great future ahead. 

    Billie Eilish – "Happier Than Ever"

    It might have been summer but you always need to be humbled with a little emotion-provoking number, and that's what Billie dropped on my doorstep with her Happier Than Ever album. From 3:01 this song will transcend you to another realm of reality. I’m not a scientist – I can’t explain it, just trust me.

    Nao – "And Then It Was Beautiful"

    To me, no one on this earth has a voice as angelic as Nao. This song has been carrying me like a butterfly through the long summer nights. You put it on to immediately get a different perspective on life and appreciate the beauty all around – it might be a lot of pressure to put on a song but it works.

    Duckwrth ft Phabo – "4K"

    Duckwrth has never lacked a day in his life. More known for his funky melodies,  “4K” is a more subdued pace for Duckwrth but it’s exactly where I like him. It’s a different side to Duckwrth showing his unlimited versatility. Make sure you check out SG8*. It hits differently. Especially the track featuring DESTIN CONRAD *chefs kiss*

    Dave – "Heart Attack"

    Dave dropped We’re All Alone In This Together and I’ve been self-reflecting ever since. A genuinely perfect project from top to bottom, I could fill this list with every single song. But I’ll just leave you with “Heart Attack,” which will keep you thinking about the society we live in today.

    Childish Gambino & Brittany Howard – "Stay High"

    When everyone said Childish Gambino was retiring, was that a lie to just raises my blood pressure? I’m not complaining and will never complain about Childish dropping music, I just want answers. Anyway, Childish Gambino covers Brittany Howard’s "Stay High" which is part of a project where a multitude of superstars reimagine some of Howard’s favoured tracks – check out Jaime Reimagined, it’s pretty special.

    James Bambu – "Back To Brooklyn"

    James Bambu holds a special place in my heart, his voice has such a unique sound that instantly relaxes my spirit. James dropped his fourth EP PLUSH and reminded the world that soul is far from dead. This project will take you back to a simpler, happier time, I strongly recommend you dive into it.

    JMSN – "Love 2 U"

    JMSN is one of my favourite artists of all time so yes this will be biased, but the evidence is clear that this man has untapped talent. With his sixth studio album, JMSN has grown immensely over the years and I encourage you to listen to every single second of his music, it’s worth it.

    Adekunle Gold ft Lucky Daye – "Sinner"

    Personally, when it comes to Adekunle Gold I think we’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg. Adekunle is going to have a long career that will amaze the world, he is never afraid to expand his craft and tap into new realms. Is it clear I'm a fan? Collaborating with Lucky Daye was a beautiful crossover that I hope we’ll get more of in the future. 

    Victoria Monet – "Coastin’"

    I could write a love letter to Victoria Monet because she will always stand as one of my favourite artists, her pen game has never lacked a day in her life. I am so excited for the next project to come – between this and “F.U.C.K” our ears are not ready to enjoy pure bliss.

    PinkPantheress – "Just For Me"

    What does PinkPantheress put in her music? It harnesses the energy of a mystical fairy that sprinkles immeasurable joy and that is no exaggeration. Like most people, I was introduced to PinkPantheress via TikTok and I’ve been addicted ever since. The garage influence is like a homecoming and is so exciting for the future of British music. I cannot wait to see where PinkPantheress career takes off while she’s finishing up university.

    WizKid ft Tems and Justin Bieber – "Essence"

    I’m happy that this remix gave me an excuse to shout about the best song of 2020 again. No one expected Justin to jump on a song with WizKid, but it happened and it’s what Wiz deserves, pushing the Nigerian icon to all corners of the world. Also, I’m overjoyed that Tems is getting untapped exposure because her talent is incredible.

    Shaybo – "Mud"

    Shaybo dropped Queen of the South this summer and it hasn’t been disputed, the title speaks for itself. Shaybo isn’t new to the scene but this mixtape has shown a new side to the Lewisham rapper. A fresh sense of maturity as she figures out life, love, and womanhood. Put this mixtape in your playlist, you will not regret it.

    James Blake – "Life Is Not The Same"

    It’s James Blake, do I need to say much more?

    Tiwa Savage ft Brandy – "Somebody’s Son"

    Play this song at my wedding – I’m obsessed. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my two faves Tiwa Savage and Brandy would be on the same track together, let alone make an instant hit that I’ll be playing for the rest of my life.

    Earth, Wind & Fire and Lucky Daye – "You Want My Love"

    Anyone who knows me knows I’m an old head before anything else. Earth, Wind & Fire is one of my favourite groups of all time, so the announcement of this song almost made me collapse to be perfectly honest. When a classic group comes back together with the new school but still keeps it completely to themselves and what they know, it’s beautiful and I’m overjoyed.

    anaiis – "vanishing"

    If you don't know about anaiis, get to know her right now. A true ~artiste~ with a haunting voice that you just can't get out of your head. "vanishing" is heartbreaking, and yes it's not exactly a song you would associate with summer, but we all need our downtime right? anaiis is definitely an artist to watch for the future, sky is the limit for talent like this.

    Kanye West ft Jay-Z – "Jail"

    I’m just going to leave this here and not say anything.

    If you want to listen to all the songs listed, check them out in this playlist!

    I'm sure I've missed some of your favourite songs released over the summer, so let me know what they are in the comments.