It's 2024 And I Can Finally Feel Safe At A Football Match

    Sports is for everyone, so it should feel like it.

    Growing up I was the sports kid. I played hockey, netball, tennis, rugby – I even tried my hand a sailing for a while, but my first love was always football.

    Soccer player in red Manchester United jersey celebrates on the pitch

    Growing up a football fan but not feeling comfortable on the sporting grounds is the burden of all women or POC fans because of the sport used to be.

    Group of excited England football fans celebrating, some shirtless, one holding a beverage, in a public outdoor setting

    Well thanks to Heineken, I had the great opportunity to watch the Champions League Semi Final last week. Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich, a fans dream.

    Fans hold a banner supporting Jude Bellingham at a sports event

    Gone are the days I would pass up on a great game because I would be scared of the abuse that could potentially come with it. Through the evolving inclusion of players and fans, attitudes and mindsets are changing.

    Smiling person in the foreground at a sports stadium with players and spectators in the background

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