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    14 Things You Can Do In Ibiza That Will Make You Add It To Your Bucket List Immediately

    Ibiza is a lot more than just clubbing.

    1. Step away from the crowds and visit stunning, secret beaches.

    2. Forage for your own herbs to make a liqueur that's unique to Ibiza.

    3. Take a dive into extravagant pool parties.

    4. Bask in the golden hour of some seriously stunning sunsets...

    5. ...Or party under the sunset, if that's more your vibe.

    6. Add a touch of class to your trip by taking a tour of a vineyard.

    7. Explore hidden parts of the island in a 1960's classic Mustang.

    8. Re-centre yourself with a visit to one of the island's most mysterious attractions.

    9. Get lost in the ancient Can Marca caves.

    10. Escape to a remote island for a taste of tranquility.

    11. Stay in a hotel that's made for Instagram.

    12. Chill by crystal-clear waters that will make you feel further away from home than you actually are.

    13. Start your day off with a pastry and a show.

    14. And take your Pornstar Martini game to the next level.