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16 Songs You Might Have Missed In April

April felt like a very long month, but at least we had music.

1. JMSN – “Rolling Stone”

This is the best song that was released in April and my top four for the year so far. Some may say I’m reaching, but I believe we should always reach for the stars. JMSN hasn't disappointed me since my ears were blessed when I stumbled onto his album Priscilla. “Rolling Stone” is the perfect song to reintroduce himself back to the fans before an album drop, it tells me we’re getting a classic funk / R&B melody to get us through the summer (we hope). Put your volume on 100 and soak this one in.

2. Majid Jordan – “Waves of Blue”

I wrote a post predicting artists to watch in 2021 and Majid Jordan was on that list. It was me putting it out to the universe that I need them back in my life. Manifesting works y'all. This song is classic Majid Jordan – a two-step anthem that you can enjoy at any point of the day to uplift your mood. I'm really excited for the album they’ll be coming out with next – they've grown so much over the years and it just keeps getting better.

3. Queen Naija ft Ari Lennox “Set Him Up”

Ari Lennox is what? The cheat code. Ari and Queen Naija team up for a modern-day version of "The Boy Is Mine", but with a little or a lot more sexual energy. Sex, women supporting women, a music video you'll dream about – what more do you need?

4. Sonder ft Jorja Smith – “Nobody”

If you didn't know, Sonder is Brent Faiyaz’s group with producers Atu and Dpa. I would recommend listening to their EP Into, one of my favourite projects of all time. But let's focus on this song: Jorja Smith and Sonder on a track together is unexpected, but Brent’s and Jorja’s voices complement each other beautifully. The duet fits both their personalities perfectly, and I’d enjoy multiple tracks from the pair.

5. Doja Cat ft SZA – “Kiss Me More”

This song is a true bop. It’s super fun, it’s super cute and the girls are eating it up. I’m happy Doja is getting all the respect and accolades she deserves in this life, and I’m happy that SZA is giving us music again. It’s a good vibes track all round, and I can’t stop replaying it.

6. Dave – “Titanium”

One thing about Dave is he doesn’t like to waste one second a beat. “22 with a 2.2, just came back from a long hiatus.” Who else in the UK is starting a track like this? Dave will forever be in a league of his own. “Titanium” and “Mercury” was a reminder that no one is doing it like him.

7. Flying Lotus & Thundercat – “Black Gold”

Flying Lotus and Thundercat are such a match made in heaven, there was once a time people were debating whether they are the same person or not, that’s how perfect they are together. “Black Gold” comes from the soundtrack of the new Netflix original anime series Yasuke and it’s beautiful. The best songs are always the shortest, and this again proves this point because 90 seconds of pure magic is not enough.

8. Little Simz – “Introvert”

Little Simz is the best female rapper in the UK and I’m not going to argue about it. Simz dropped “Introvert” and also announced an upcoming album in September, and the streets are buzzing. The music video is a piece of art and this is what happens when artists are given the opportunity to truly express themselves through their craft in every way possible. In an age where songs aren’t touching the three-minute mark, Little Simz drops a six-minute song showing she will never run out of bars. Every bar is precise, the message is clear, and she’s shaking the table.

9. Bellah – “Evil Eye”

When “Evil Eye” dropped people couldn’t get enough, every Instagram story I saw that week had this song playing and I completely understand why. Bellah’s voice is so beautiful and delicate, mixed with a little afrobeats – you’ve got an immediate hit. Bellah is showing the world that UK R&B is very much alive and well, she's definitely one to watch this year.

10. J.cob ft Rakiyah – “Hard To Breathe”

The past couple of years have taught us that you don’t have to understand what people are saying to enjoy a song, and “Hard To Breathe” is more proof of that. Rakiyah jumping on this sultry R&B beat with J.cob was a perfect collaboration, it's a perfect baby-making song and I hope to see more from the two in the near future.

11. Hiatus Kaiyote – “Red Room”

Hiatus Kaiyote are back and are releasing an album this year, let's all rejoice! "Red Room" is the first teaser for the much-anticipated return from the group, and it has set a perfect pace for what we can expect. From the land down under, Hiatus Kaiyote have never disappointed or veered from their strong identity with Nai Palm always leading with her soulful voice.

12. WILLOW ft Travis Barker – “t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l”

All I can say is, I love this for Willow Smith. The Smith kids are so talented and I feel that, because they’re the children of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, people don’t give them the accolades they deserve. They're constantly reinventing themselves and smashing it every time. I can hear the clear influence of Paramore, Avril Lavigne, and Blink-182 obviously. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to dig of my checkered tie and overly studded belt to enjoy this song in its full capacity.

13. Billie Eilish – “Your Power”

Miss Wlliam Eyelash, where do I even begin? There is a raw element to this song that attacks the soul almost immediately. Billie's really having a moment this year – a rebrand, taking back ownership of her body, and is now the youngest person to cohost the Met Gala – this is her year.

14. Shelley FKA DRAM ft Summer Walker – “All Pride Aside”

It’s been four long years since we’ve had an album from DRAM but it was well worth the wait. You can clearly hear how he has matured in his music since Big Baby DRAM, but his signature sound has remained and this new album is a true treat to the ears.

15. Justine Skye ft Rema – “Twisted Fantasy”

This is a collaboration that wasn’t expected, but makes so much sense. Justine has the perfect voice to slide onto an afrobeat track and that's what I need her to do next – I’m throwing that out into the universe. Jumping onto a track with Rema is the perfect first step, and he did what he had to do. This song showcases the new era of music and the future is bright.

16. Burna Boy – “Kilometre”

Burna Boy is back with a new banger and I need to get to the club immediately. Off the back of his Grammy success, he’s back with a lively track reminiscent of African Giant. If Burna Boy would swoop in and drop another album this, I would be eternally grateful.

Listen to all the songs listed here, and let us know your favourite song from April in the comments!