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14 Awesome Jobs For Empaths You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Being an activities coordinator for aged care residents might just be the life shake-up you need.

Do you ever wake up and find the idea of going to work a little bit, well — meh? Maybe the nine-to-five is getting a tad monotonous, or you just no longer feel inspired by your job?


Honestly, join the club! Here are 14 lesser-known, but very interesting jobs that are perfect for empaths and people who love helping others — who are very much needed within the aged care industry!

1. If you’re passionate about helping others and see the benefits of holistic care, why not consider becoming a health & lifestyle manager?

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This can be anything from diabetes and dementia management, to mindfulness and yoga — basically, holistic care plays a critical role in the aged care sector. So therefore, having a nifty person with a knack and passion for supporting positive ageing and improving the quality of life of residents, is vital.

2. If you’re a bit of a fitness junky and love motivating others to move, why not become a fitness instructor?

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Whether you’re a yoga instructor or tennis coach, there are always opportunities in the aged care sector. Plus, your work will make a huge impact on their livelihood. And with a class full of enthusiastic and free-spirited participants — you’re bound to have a lot of fun.

3. If you’re always ‘that person’ who loves to plan activities for your friendship group, then an activities coordinator would be perfect for you.

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Plan anything from arts and crafts, to dancing lessons. Or, why not bring your own unique interests and flair to the residents' activities? They’ll be sure to love it. And let’s just say, this role will bring as much joy to you as the residents.

4. If you love a good pamper sesh and making others feel good, why not become a personal care and grooming professional?

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Imagine spending your day helping wonderful older people feel good about themselves through a pamper sesh or haircut. In aged care, a little always goes a long, long way — and you’re bound to have very happy customers at the end of every encounter.

5. If you’re a touch type-A (I mean, who isn’t) or love keeping a clean, tidy and well-maintained house – you’d make a fantastic housekeeper or handy worker.

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Consider residential maintenance, residential repairs, housekeeping, cleaning or handy work. Feel the immense satisfaction in leaving a sparking or repaired home for older people to feel proud of.

6. If you’ve got a green thumb and love being outside for some gardening therapy, consider becoming a gardener.

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Not only are most aged care facilities surrounded by beautiful gardens for you to love and nurture, but your work will help create a positive environment for residents. Plus, you’ll be working amongst a lot of fellow nature-loving enthusiasts.

7. If you love cooking up a storm, while also ensuring meals are tasty and nutritious, consider working in cooking and meal prep.

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Are you a cooking enthusiast, trained chef or have a catering background? So much joy can come from cooking delicious meals for appreciative residents or older people in their homes — many of which come from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds.

8. If you’re the king or queen of administration — you’d be perfect for a job in scheduling.

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Whether you’ve got a knack for rostering, organisation or just a meticulous eye for detail — you’d excel in this role. And instead of throwing this complex task into existing (and already busy) roles like business managers, team leaders or administrative support, many Aged Care providers are moving towards creating a dedicated role in scheduling.

9. If you’re a magician at customer service, there will be the perfect role for you as a customer experience specialist.

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Like any business, customer service and excellence play a huge role in ensuring the residents are happy. So, in many centres there are dedicated professionals who aim to ensure residents and their families are happy and getting what they need. This is an extremely rewarding role for someone who thrives off improving other's quality of life.

10. If you’ve got a background in operations management, then why not consider putting your skills to good use as a residence or site manager?

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This important role will allow for a lot of career satisfaction and positive change. Residence or site managers will lead the business, operational and organisational side of a residency — including programs for home-based care.

11. If you have excellent leadership qualities or emotional intelligence, perhaps a team leader might be for you.

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There are so many opportunities to become a team leader in Aged Care. And if you don’t have a nursing background — no worries. There are still plenty of leadership opportunities to consider for different sections.

12. If you’ve got a medical background — but are sick of working in the large hospitals — consider getting a rewarding job in aged care.

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Pretty much any medical or nursing specialty has transferable skills to work in aged care. So, if you’re over the hustle and bustle of working in a big hospital, look no further.

13. If you’ve got any savvy business skills, then there are loads of roles available in business enabling.

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Whatever your skills may be — you name it! There are opportunities galore in the business enabling space, like tech, marketing, public relations, human resources, finance, legal services and more.

14. And finally, if you’re a naturally caring person — or have a background in social work and psychology — you’d make an excellent social support worker.

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One of the most rewarding parts of this role is listening to the incredible tales and stories, developing beautiful relationships with people being cared for and offering emotional support. Often, it can be the small gestures that make a huge impact on their lives and overall happiness.

Whatever your interest or passion might be, there’s bound to be the perfect role for you in aged care — especially for the empaths among us. The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council wants you to 'Bring Your Thing' and consider a career in the aged care sector. And we promise – the job variety and satisfaction is so much more than meets the eye.

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Why not check out the awesome variety of jobs on offer in the aged care industry by heading to the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council’s website — it could lead you to the career change you’ve been desperately craving!