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11 Scientific Factors You Didn’t Know That Make People More Attractive

Science, we thank you for making us irresistible. If you want to boost your natural radiance, try 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ Brand Contact Lenses — they provide a defining outline around your iris to amplify contrast — for beautiful eyes that can draw anyone in. Click for Important Safety Information.

1. Symmetrical faces.


Could the fact that we associate beauty with symmetry be behind our liking of symmetrical faces? That may just be the case.

2. A waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7.


Hips don't lie when it comes to perceiving fertility. According to science, when a woman produces the right amount and mix of estrogen, she's more likely to have a WTH ratio of 0.7, which men associate with reproductive health. And women? They gravitate toward men who have a WHR of 0.8 to 1.0.

3. Eyes that pop.


If you have a defined limbal ring — the dark ring around your iris — you may want to thank it for all those "pretty eyes" compliments. Regardless of your eye color, a prominent limbal ring may make you appear younger and healthier.

4. Being surrounded by a pleasant smell.


Whether that scent is your new, delicious-smelling perfume or a field of roses, this study suggests being around a pleasant odor could directly influence how attractive your face appears to others.

5. Crushes.


What do we mean? Well, you may not have thought of dating someone until that someone made it apparent that they have a crush on you. Being liked is very flattering, and you may just, well, reciprocate.

6. Pupils that widen during eye contact.


This could convey warmth and passion, since our pupils tend to widen when we see stuff we like.

7. Wearing red.


Wearing red may make women more attractive to men, possibly because they could be subconsciously associating the color with sexiness. Roses are red, Valentine's hearts are red, steamy sunsets...well, they're redish. It's just a color that has it going on.

8. Wearing makeup (a certain way).


Interestingly enough, this study found that women overestimate the preferences of men when applying makeup, but both men and women find around the same amount of makeup appealing.

9. The way your body speaks.


Enough about words — your body can say it all. A study on nonverbal courtship involving 40 women determined that those who were outwardly flirty were more likely to be approached by men at a couple of bars, a university, and meetings. So, it may not matter where you are if you are trying to find love — just how you act.

10. A full beard.


Not only are full beards totally in vogue, they were also rated higher than clean-shaven faces in a study, as women and men both tended to think of hairy men as healthier and more apt at parenting.

11. And smiling!


In this study, men gravitated toward women who showed more displays of happiness. Oddly enough, the preferences for women were opposite — they liked fewer smiles.

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