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15 Stages Of Having Tried Out For The Cheerleading Team

Being a champ is quite the roller coaster ride! Pave the way for plenty of audacious accomplishments with the help of ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses.

1. Seriously contemplating whether to take the plunge.

“Am I ready to dedicate all the hours I’m not sleeping, eating, or in school prepping for tryouts? Am I going to start speaking in cheers? Do I even like pom-poms? Answer: YES."

2. Getting motivated and committing to training...hard.


Weights. Stretch. Dance. Jump. Repeat.

3. Questioning how good you actually need to get at tumbling.


You know cheer is a combo of dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics, but does gymnastics mean cartwheels or a string of perfect back handsprings and backflips???

4. Not sleeping a wink before the first day of tryouts.

BuzzFeed Blue /

You’re equal parts nervous, equal parts incredibly excited to show off all the awesome prep you’ve done!

5. Wanting desperately to get the cheers and dances down pat.

Hill Street Studios / Getty Images

Forgetting a move in front of the coaches during tryouts? DEF NOT an option.

6. Being in awe of the talent around you.


There’s some serious GAME up in here!

7. Worrying that you'll make the team and your BFF won't — or, worse, she'll make the team and YOU won't.


You NEED each other for post-practice snack runs and sleepovers where you can rock your cheers in PJs!

8. Being incredibly physically and emotionally exhausted at the end of each day of tryouts...

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9. ...but keeping a positive attitude and smile on your face through it all.


You can't beat yourself up too much or treat yourself negatively. At the end of the day, you have to treat yourself like you'd treat the team you're cheering on.

10. Painstakingly planning your outfit every day.

Bravo / Via

Picking out cute clothes that also let you move comfortably and wanting your 'do to feel on fleek when you're trying out will help you not only to look the part, but feel the part. 💅💯

11. Feeling like you're going to faint when you go into your final performance.

Amblin Entertainment / Via


12. Scrutinizing every single step, jump, and clap after you're done.


And you probably didn't faint. Matter of fact, you probably *rocked* it.

13. Agonizing while you wait for the roster to be posted. / Via

Every minute feels like an eteeerniiitttyyyyy.

14. Hearing the roster has been posted and literally feeling your stomach flip upside down while you sprint to have a look.



15. And, finally, looking up to see your name and breaking down in sweet, sweet tears of pride, excitement, and relief.

And now the fun really begins! 🎉

Even if you didn't make the team, tackling those tryouts was boss enough! Keep rising to every challenge with the help of ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses. Click for Important Safety Information.

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