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A Strangely Progressive Take On Kony 2012 Called Kony 2017

This hit series has been making waves for its progressive values

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Greatest love story ever told - Jessica Kellen
Jessica kellen

Greatest love story ever told - Jessica Kellen

What is this?

Kony 2017 is a spoof of Kony 2012 aimed at people who where directly effective, not only is the creator sending all of the money to REAL ugandan children she is making all of this by herself out of her own pocket

Things have never been so progressive

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How is this progressive?

Kony 2017 tackles some pretty out there stuff such as interracial violence, homosexuality and school shootings, it does this in an attempt to bring to light the issues with these problems, not only does this but it is also one of the few online videos with a non-sexualised STRONG female lead, revolutionary

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