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How To Fix Overheating iPhone

Is there really a way to fix an overheating iPhone

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Every smartphone becomes hot once in a while, iPhone is not an exception. But becoming very hot may become a concern. Is there really a way to fix an overheating iPhone? According to a post on Bullit “Keep Your iPhone Safe on Holiday” by Gregor, the 3 easiest way to keep your iPhone cool are:

1. Disable personal hot spot to reduces processing power on the device and battery use, which generates heat.

2. Stop charging your iPhone this will stop extra heat generated by the battery.

3. Remove the case. A case on an iPhone can act as insulation which will keep it hotter for longer.

Why Your iPhone Get Hot

Usually, the temperature rises when the CPU is busy or completely turned over. The best way to start is by easing the workload on your iPhone as much as possible starting with closing unused applications running in the background. There is no need to keep it running if it is not in use anyway. To close your apps, double-click the Home button and then slide each app off the top of the screen.

The two likely factors that can trigger overheating in your iPhone are; the temperature condition. According to Apple, the device must operate where the temperature ranges between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius. The high or low temperature of the devices will cause the iPhone to overheat or damage the battery.

The second causes is iPhone related software. In this case, your iPhone will overheat because the CPU has been worn, which means that the apps you use on the iPhone are out of order somehow, or even if the iPhone is in the pocket, there are still applications running in Background, heating your iPhone.

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How To Fix An Overheating iPhone

1. Keep iPhone Under Proper Temperature Conditions

Make sure your Phone is under appropriate weather temperature. Leaving your phone in direct sunlight or a hot car will quickly make the iPhone warm. Also, avoid any high heat sources such as heating machine, or TV, which can also bring iPhone high temperature.

2. Check For Faulty Applications.

Sometimes, wrong applications can cause your iPhone to overheat. So try to ask yourself when your iPhone temperature began to rise. Was it right after downloading and installing the new application? If so, you can go ahead and check if recently installed apps are responsible. To do this, go to Settings-> Privacy-> Diagnostics & Usage-> Diagnostics & Usage Data. On the next screen, you should see a list of all crashes on the device. Some entries in the list may be reasonable because the log files usually end in this directory. However, if you see the same app listed, again and again, it means that there is a problem with this application.

3. Update Your iOS.

If you suspect that the problem of overheating on your iPhone is caused by some bugs software or erroneous applications but not sure of which application, then you could just go to update iOS instead.

Apple periodically updates its iOS devices. In most cases, if your device is not updated. They are some possible chances that the phone might get hot.

4. Give It Time To Rest And Completely Cool Down.

Try to give it some time to cool down. Just turn off the phone for some few hours and use it again once it's cool. However, if the temperature continues to rise after that, then the wrong hardware will likely lead to it. You may take your iPhone to a nearby service center to check or repair your Phone, if necessary. Otherwise, contact your Apple or mobile carrier support to complain about the issue and ask for help.

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