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20 Signs You Go To Acs Hillingdon

If you know, you know.

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1. You've accepted the fact that the only reason why you go to Hillingdon is because ASL and Cobham had no space

2. Having some part of the school break is a common affair

3. Your 20k a year is actually being spent on carpets, broken wifi and smart boards with pink screens

4. Removing the only operating feature of this school #BringMobileBack

5. If you're a Junior you will eventually have gone here

6. The ratio of IB vs AP kids

7. Being told your school is a "one of a kind, 1920 historical building" but also realizing it kind of looks like a prison

8. When you play a sport but you know there's no point in flaunting it because you go to ACS Hillingdon

9. What happens in the bushes stays in the bushes

10. You've come to understand that affairs involving two people with a huge age difference will happen



11. You are willing to attend all PE classes in hope it will be one of the hot teachers

12. You have thrown away school cutlery too many times to count

13. Receiving the "Week Ahead in Sports" emails but never actually reading them

14. The feeling you get when your Monday Block B community time is your study hall

15. Seeing a family tour the school and feeling obliged to induce them to make the right decision


16. It is acceptable for a group to be named after a table

17. How you feel when you pass through the lower school hallway as a highschooler

18. Freshman

Once nominated it's a title you can't escape

19. Walking across the entire school just to use the nice guest bathroom

20. When your school spirit is level -3

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