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    10 Everyday Disasters that Would be a TwentySomething’s Worst Nightmare

    Data, technology, the interwebs...they’re more complicated than your high school relationship. And just like that relationship, the possibility of implosion is real. And could happen at any second. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Just imagine if:

    1. Instagram lost all your photos.

    2. All your flirty Tinder convos disappeared.

    3. Pinterest deleted your “Dream Wedding” Board.

    4. Facebook loses all your data.

    5. iCloud crashes.

    6. Your DVR was wiped.

    7. Or, your Netflix preferences were out of whack.

    8. Your Spotify playlists are deleted.

    9. Candy Crush lost what level you were on.

    10. Your iPhone loses its fingerprint scanning data.

    Relax, it's cool. This stuff won't happen to you, because you know that some of your favorite websites and games don't back themselves up. But, you could take control into your own hands with products like Acronis. Acronis helps you back up all your precious digital data on that laptop yourself. It's easy as 1-2-3. #smartypants