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One Book With Two Languages

It all starts with a girl named Marisol McDonald…

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Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash


This diverse book is very unique because it isn’t written in just one language, but two! On most pages, the English version is written on the left side, while the Spanish version is written on the right, or both languages are shown on the same page, but separated by space. This book was written by Monica Brown and illustrated by Sara Palacios in 2013. Along with the different languages shown, each page is also filled with bright, enticing colors that will draw your child in. The pictures are also very detailed and filled with so much, that your child might discover something new every time they read it. There is even a glossary included at the end with words defined from Spanish to English and the other way around. Also in the end, as the author mentions in an author’s note, this book celebrates a family’s love and is great for children growing up bilingual and having a family that may be spread across two or more continents. Even if your child isn’t bilingual, this is still a great book for introducing a new language and a different culture. This book is recommended for ages 6-8 years old.

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Marisol starts out by introducing herself and mentioning how she likes being different and unique. She mentions how she is about to turn eight, and for her birthday, she wishes to see her Grandma, who lives all the way in Peru. Marisol also can’t seem to figure out what type of birthday party she wants to have; she loves princesses, unicorns, pirates and soccer, but nothing sounds just right. In the end, Marisol finds the perfect way to celebrate her birthday party that is unique, just like her, and her wish finds a way to come true!

This book is perfect for introducing a new language, a family’s love, and a reminder that everyone is unique! Click on any of the links below to order:


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