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The Jungle Book (An Animals Primer)

This BabyLit book is just one of many in the series, and this specific one is an animal primer for children. It was written by Jennifer Adams and illustrated by Alison Oliver. Suzanne Gibbs Taylor created this BabyLit brand in 2014, giving children a modern, new way to be introduced to the world of classic literature. The size of each book seems to be the perfect fit for children, not too big and not too small. The pages are also made of hard cardboard material, meaning they are durable to withstand any child’s wrath and will last long. Each page is filled with bright and enticing colors, which will keep children interested and wanting to see more. The text on the pages is also written in large font with few words, which make it easy for beginning readers. The text also matches the illustrations shown to help readers figure out the words on the page. In addition, most of the illustrations show dominance on the page, making the pages even more appealing. This series is recommended for ages 1-3 years old.

Want to know more about this specific animal primer BabyLit?

This BabyLit book, as seen by the title, is based off the original novel, The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Each colorful page shows a picture of an animal from the characters of the novel, along with text of what animal it is and a quotation referencing the original characters. For example, one of spreads shows a python, and underneath that word is written, “Kaa…could slip along the branches as quietly as moss grows.” These references to the characters introduce children early on to classic novels and literature without them even realizing it.

This book is just one of a new, fun and modern series for beginning readers! Click on any of the links below to order:


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