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A Diverse Book for All Readers

Full of adventures and lots of love…

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Just Because


This diverse book is a great way to introduce those who are disabled, and can’t move or talk much, to children. It was written and illustrated by Rebecca Elliot in 2010. Each page is filled with dominating images and very colorful colors which helps make this book so appealing. There is so much to look at on each page and the vibrant colors help keep children interested and wanting to see and read more. Also, on each page, the phrase “just because” is repeated. This repetition is appealing to children because they begin to realize what will continue to be said on the next page, making them feel smart and aware. This book is also the perfect size for children, and, in this edition, the pages are made of cardboard, making the whole book very durable and able to last long. The text and images used to portray this issue of disability is done very well, and the friendship seen between the siblings makes it easy for children to relate. This book is recommended for ages 5-7 years old.

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This book is narrated by the little brother named Toby, and the first thing he mentions is how his sister, Clemmie, is his best friend and how she can’t walk, talk, or move around much. Toby isn’t sure why she can’t do much, but the best answer he can find is “just because.” He mentions everything he loves about his big sister, and how she makes him laugh. They even go on a great adventure to the moon in Clemmie’s great chair. The story ends with Toby saying how much he loves his big sister, and he doesn’t know exactly why, but “just because.”

This book is perfect for introducing the issue of disability to children! Click on any of the links below to order:


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