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A Classic Series Worth Collecting

It all started with the tale of Peter Rabbit…

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The Tale of Two Bad Mice


This classic Peter Rabbit book series was written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter and started in 1902. It’s made up of short, little paragraphs that make it easy for reading. The sizes of the books are made specifically small so that they can easily fit in children’s hands. The series contains 23 different types of tales in all, each telling their own story. The colorful, beautiful illustrations on almost all the pages give the child a break from reading. Beatrix Potter based her stories on real places or creatures, which is why the illustrations will appear so realistic on the pages. Also, there is plenty of white space surrounding the pages that contain text, which makes it easier for the child to read. This series is recommended for ages 3-7 years old, and this specific tale is just one of many for children to collect and read.

Want to know more about this specific tale?

This tale is about two married mice named Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca. These mice snuck into a dollhouse that belonged to two dolls named Lucinda and Jane. The entered the dining room where they found a table filled with a delicious looking meal. They tried cutting into the ham or eating the fish, unaware that all the food was actually fake. The tale continues by telling everything else the mice went through and all the things they broke inside the dollhouse. In the end, the mice don’t end up being so naughty after all!

This book is a classic pick for beginning readers and also contains a great lesson in the end! Click on any of the links below to order:


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