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S Club 7 Reunion In The Works?

Imagination is the key because you are your own destiny. #unitedwestand #dividedwefall

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They had their own TV show called Miami 7 (renamed S Club 7 in Miami when it aired in the US).


The show was all about trying to make it big in Miami and dealing with culture shock. Why anyone would move to Miami to achieve fame and fortune is beyond me but I don’t have my own TV show now do I? (p.s. you can catch the episodes on YouTube!)

They took uteruses before dudereses seriously. / Via

In their special, Boyfriends & Birthdays, Rachel’s boyfriend gives her an ultimatum, the group or him. As the amazing friends they are, they raise enough money to send Rachel home to the UK, but she tells that dude to kick rocks and comes back to the US. Girl Power!

They always color coded themselves like a rainbow, a beautiful singing, dancing rainbow. ON PURPOSE. / Via

They each had their own assigned color. Like Hannah, who chose yellow because she thought it was "bright and happy", just like her personality.

They brought us some of the most dance worthy jams of the decade.

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They had a TV series titled S Club 7 Go Wild! where each member team up with World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness for a different animal including Siberian Tigers and Hyacinth Macaws (that’s a bird).

They gave us the ultimate positivity anthem. It doesn’t get better than “when the world is on your shoulders, just smile and let it go.”

Those lyrics are legit.

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