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Robin Williams To Receive Memorial In World Of Warcraft

Thanks to a petition signed by over 11,000 people, Blizzard Entertainment will be paying tribute to Robin Williams in a stellar way.

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The somber and shocking news of Williams' passing has touched hearts across the world.

No matter your age, within his 30+ year career, at some point you have called him a friend. Whether he made you laugh in a comedy, healed your heart in a drama, stirred your imagination in a children's movie or kept your heart racing in a thriller, he has always been there. It's a sorrow goodbye and he will be sorely missed but never forgotten. And thanks to his wonderful fans, the gaming community will have a piece of him forever.

Earlier today, Jacob Holgate, gamer and member, organized an online petition urging Blizzard to create an NPC (non-playing character) within World of Warcraft to memorialize the late Robin Williams.

In less than 24-hours, thanks to massive social media attention, the petition received over 11,000 signatures. Holgate updated the petition in a message titled "Victory!", saying "It is with a growing sense of pride for the World of Warcraft community that I declare victory for this petition."

Williams was very open about his love of geek culture.

He named his daughter after Princess Zelda and the two of them even appeared in a series of commercials for Nintendo. He admitted to a love of comics, tabletop games and was a video game enthusiast. Williams claimed he was an avid World of Warcraft player, joking about his WoW addiction. Rumor has it that he took up residence on the Mannoroth server for some time and favored the troll race.

Blizzard is "taking care of it."

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Holgate wrote, "Williams said in interviews that he took his World of Warcraft characters very serious - in fact he was well known for being an extreme PC builder who preferred to build his own overclocked and super-cooled systems." A technical game designer for World of Warcraft has acknowledged via Twitter that they are aware of the petition and are "taking care of it."

Although on WoW forums, the petition is getting mixed reactions, many have posted reasons for signing on the petition site.

Holgate states in a recent update, "Robin Williams death continues to shock and sadden millions of people around the world, and while a single non-player character in a video game is only a small good thing to come out of a largely negative situation -- many cannot help but feel that they've preserved a tiny spark of who Mr. Williams was: a gamer, and a character."

To sign the petition or read the touching reasons people gave for signing, you can visit the website here.

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