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    25 Completely Logical Thoughts You Have When You See Your Ex

    *Googles how to be invisible*

    1. If the floor could swallow me whole right now, that'd be great.

    Nickelodeon / Via


    2. A cute stranger who doesn't mind being my new boyfriend for the next two minutes would be awesome.

    NBC / Via

    3. What's somebody gotta do to get a wild animal stampede going on?

    NBC / Via

    4. I need a bodyguard. I need a job that could pay for said bodyguard.

    5. If aliens ever chose a time to abduct someone, this would be ideal.

    HBO / Via

    6. I wouldn't say no to a well placed worm hole at this very moment.

    BBC / Via

    7. If someone is ever going to kidnap me for ransom, dear god let it be now.

    Lionsgate / Via

    8. If only I could lose 10 pounds with the snap of a finger.

    Fox / Via


    9. It's a shame I never learned to vomit on command.

    Channel 4 / Via

    10. How confident am I in my ability to pull off having amnesia?

    Fox / Via

    11. Throwing myself in front of that car might be a tad dramatic...?

    12. Why do I go anywhere without my highly confrontational BFF?

    Comedy Central / Via

    13. What would Taylor Swift do?

    14. Maybe don't do that...

    15. I'm just going to casually hide behind this thing here.

    NBC / Via

    16. OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT. Eye contact has been made.

    Fuse / Via

    17. Why are you coming over here? Can you not feel my hatred from there?!

    Paramount Domestic Television / Via

    18. I will be polite and cordial no matter what.

    NBC / Via

    19. MAKE EXIT NOW.

    20. *Walks away* What just happened?!?!?

    Disney Channel / Via

    21. I'm OK, I'm OK, I'm OK.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    22. No. Wait. I really am OK!

    BBC / Via

    23. No emotional hemorrhaging here!

    NBC / Via

    24. ZERO FEELS!

    Comedy Central / Via

    25. BYE FELIPE. I'M OUT.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via
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