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20 Times Ava Ryan Said Exactly What You're Thinking

She's got complicated feelings for ice cream and an unparalleled understanding of life.

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1. The Time She Was Working Hard At Hardly Working / Via

2. The Time She Broke Down Her Morning Routine / Via

3. The Time She Spoke About The Trouble Of Dieting / Via

4. The Time She Told The Food Pyramid To Kick Rocks / Via

5. The Time She Questioned What It All Means / Via

6. The Time She Showed What Appliance Shopping Was Really About / Via

7. The Time She Recovered Like A Champ / Via

8. The Time She Gave A Verbal High Five / Via

9. The Time She Tried A New Hobby / Via

10. The Time She Got Really Deep / Via

11. The Time She Was Downright Wicked / Via

12. The Time She Called It Like She Saw It / Via

13. The Time She Exposed The Truth About Education / Via

14. The Time She Fell In Love With Friday / Via

15. The Time She Fell In Love With Saturday / Via

16. The Time She Kept The Dream Alive / Via

17. The Time She Expressed True Emotion Over Cheese / Via

18. The Time She Embraced Her Inner Bey / Via

19. The Time She Expressed Her Frustration With Growing Older / Via

20. The Time She Addressed Her Haters / Via

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