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14 Things I Overheard At A OneRepublic Concert

Lawn tickets? Wait, no, I need beer for this.

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2. Is it weird if I Snapchat American Authors when I have no idea who they are?

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4. Jesus, that's the most romantic - I can't even - nope.

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O'Donoghue told a story that they came up with "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" because he and an ex would always go back to the spot they first met during rough patches. I have no idea if that's true.

5. Did they really just do that?!

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O'Donoghue had a girl dial her ex, he took the phone and sang "Nothing" to him. At the end of the call he had the entire crowd yell "SEE YOU LATER ASSHOLE".

6. When it gets dark we'll be... Counting Stars... get it?

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Hilarious. Your dad called, he wants his jokes back.

7. I'm so excited. I feel like they wrote Burning Bridges about my life.

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Those feels are real and they really did write that song for you. Probably.

10. This is like the fourth time they've brought up that they're friends. I feel kind of left out.

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OneRepublic and The Script both mentioned multiple times that the bands have been close for ages.

11. Now I have to kill her and take her place.

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Tedder explained that he wrote "Something I Need" after getting piss drunk one night, waking up in panic attack mode realizing his life was half over. He calmed himself by looking at his wife and realizing how lucky he was and her presence reminded him what an amazing life he's led. Gag... (but secretly mega swoon).

12. Ugh, what a showoff.

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Tedder did a lot of fancy vocal work. He's got an impressive vocal range and lays that vibrato down like nobody's business. It's really impressive at 1:55 but the whole song is enjoyable.

13. "I Lived" will be played at my funeral. That's just not negotiable.

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