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    14 Christmas Ornaments That Will Put All Other Trees To Shame

    My tree could Avada Kedavra your tree's ass.

    1. Holy Circuit Board!

    ReComputing / Via

    This seller makes different shapes all made from real circuit boards. $16.00.

    2. Harry Potter And The Christmas Tree That Caused Insane Jealousy

    LastYesterday / Via

    This seller makes all sorts of hand-painted pop culture ornaments. $12.00.

    3. Cthulhu: Part Man, Part Dragon, Part Octopus, Full Of Christmas Spirit

    Accoutrements / Via

    Even evil deities enjoy the holidays. $9.00.

    4. Chestnaughts Roasting On An Open Fire

    ThePerfectCup / Via

    This seller specializes in Marvel and DC ornaments. $12.00.

    5. Doctor Not Included

    Doctor Who / Via

    If you're cringing at the price, you can also get a cheaper style from ThinkGeek. $34.99.

    6. Don't Dead Open Inside - Wait, No, That's Not Right...

    WiredLifeShop / Via

    This seller also has a Breaking Bad ornament with some of the stuff in the bottom. You know, the stuff. SHHH WE DON'T KNOW WHO'S LISTENING. $15.00.

    7. Glow In The Dark > Everything

    ArtAtomic / Via

    This seller has 20 different variations of this ornament. $15.00.

    8. Is Your Wi-Fi Name Hyrule Warriors? These Are For You.

    BurritoPrincess / Via

    Pokemon, Marvel, DC, Mario Bros., this seller has all your pixelated favorites. Even tree toppers! $1.00.

    9. For When You Solemly Swear You Are Up To No Good

    SpiffingJewelry / Via

    Classy as shit. Also comes in copper. $18.00.

    10. I am a leaf - I CAN'T EVEN

    ThinkGeek / Via

    They literally are shiny! $17.99.

    11. Science Officer? How About Tree Bling.

    LeaseAPenny / Via

    Comes in Kirk and Uhura! $10.00.

    12. At Least Martin Can't Kill Your Christmas

    ThinkGeek / Via

    They carry Lannister, Targaryen, Stark and Baratheon. It's a full house here, folks. $9.99.

    13. Ultros: King Of Bad Jokes

    Because42CustomKicks / Via

    The ornament you can always count on popping up again. $15.00.

    14. Your Dad Might Appreciate This One

    SpiffingJewlery / Via

    He saved DC, he saved earth and now Bruce Willis is saving your Christmas tree! $18.00.

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