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    • B.B.

      I’ve had migraines without headaches from ages 6-16 and then regular migraines with headaches since 16. As everyone has said KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS AND SYMPTOMS. My triggers are pressure drops in the weather, papaya, and severe pain. The pain one is the worst because it’s a huge cycle and undertaking on mixing medications. Also check with a doctor, because even having one a week with terrible neurologic symptoms was enough that doctors put me on preventative meds. I like cold compression to my eyes, sitting in a dark room with absolute silence (even stopping ticking clocks).  Meds:
      -Fiorinal (aspirin, butalbital, and caffeine) for mild head pain that’s starting to kick in. I use this one for most headaches that could turn into full blown migraines.
      -Rizatripan Melts once my symptoms worsen — this includes either full eye dialation or my pupils go down to tiny pin holes and right side paralysis in the face. I start to mumble and get confused. This is also where I have to lie down or go to sleep, as any increase in my pulse will render me having a full on freak-out session.
      -Hydrocodone tacked on for extra pain management, but not too much coz that can also cause headache and restart the whole cycle!
      -Zofran for nausea
      -Amitriptyline daily for prevention/lessen symptoms

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