What It’s Like Being The Third Wheel

Because who doesn’t like being reminded how alone they are?

1. You finally make plans to hang out with your friend that you haven’t seen in forever.

2. And then they drop the bomb on you: their significant other will be joining you.

3. You think to yourself, “not again.”

4. But you suck it up anyway and head out to meet them.

5. It starts out fine, but then you get a subtle reminder of their coupledom.

Here we go again.

6. One of them mentions an inside joke they have and they try to explain it to you.

7. They talk about something cute they did together.

8. And then she does this:

9. And you comtemplate doing this:

10. Just pray it doesn’t resort to this:

11. Or worse, this:

12. Because then you have to do this:

Which only makes it more awkward.

13. At some point they’ll inevitably ask you about your love life, and on the outside you’re like…

14. But on the inside you’re like…

Doesn’t everyone?

15. You vow to never hang out with them again.

16. But then you feel bad because you know you should just be happy for them.

17. Finally you get home and bask in the glory of your solitude.

Can’t wait to do it again!

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