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The Process Of Getting Hit On At The Bar

I'm going to die alone with nothing to show for it but free alcohol of Friday nights past.

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You're heading out to the bar with your friends and your mission is simple:

You walk in and some guy notices you.

Then you think to yourself, "let the games begin!"

He approaches and you try to make small talk for awhile.

Finally he utters those 4 magical words:

Don't mind if i do!

You chat some more but honestly you've stopped paying attention.

Soon enough he says something creepy and sexual.

And you quickly realize you need to move on

So you try to make a quick getaway but he asks for your number.

Off to the dance floor to find your girls!

You carefully sidestep the guys trying to grind up on you.

Some other guy tries and fails to flirt with you.

But at this point you're done trying to find a winner.

You become disenchanted by the male species in general.

And decide to go home with your true soulmate: yourself.

Welp, there's always online dating!

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