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16 Constants Of Working In An Office

No amount of schooling can prepare you for office dynamics

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1. There will always be at least one computer program that malfunctions daily.


2. Every once in awhile a new process will be instituted and no one will really know how it works for at least a week.


Even the managers are puzzled.

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3. Some days you forget what you're supposed to be doing.

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Is Facebook stalking in my job description?

4. Other days no one knows how to do their job.

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5. Your reward for doing well is being given more work.

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6. Office gossip is pretty much worse than high school gossip.


Craig and Jenny went on break together so they're pretty much getting married

7. You know procrastination doesn't end in college.

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8. And you've gotten really good at stealthily checking social media.

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9. There's always that one weirdo who no one can fathom how he got hired.

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He probably smells like cats.

10. There's that colleague of yours that you used to be friends with, but then he got promoted and is suddenly holier than thou.

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11. Then there's that HR liability who's always walking the fine line of "work appropriateness."


12. At least one person will have an annoying laugh that will pain you to your very core every time you hear it.

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13. Of course there's also a douchebag (micro)manager.

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14. Pointless meetings run rampant but you can never get out of them.

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15. Most days you can't believe you went to school all those years to be doing what you do every day.


16. But somehow you forget about all those things on payday.

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