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A Bakery Just Invented A Breadbox For 2019 That Might Help With Your Cellphone Addiction

Ciabatta be buying this!

HEY YOU! Yeah, you! Scrolling around on your phone. Reading this right now. We 👀 you.

So we've all got a phone obsession, and tbh it might be ruining our lives.

And with the holiday season just around the corner, it's high time we got our act together.

But who will save us from ourselves? May we present: the breadblox by ACE Bakery.

And before you go writing 'OK boomer' in the comments — hear us out.

Not only is it a stunning piece of industrial design... also serves a real purpose.

Freeing us from the distractions of that beeping, vibrating, and nagging little mobile device.

At your next gathering or fancy dinner party, open the breadblox and have your guests put their devices inside.

It'll then block out all of the bings, beeps, and boops with its noise-cancelling technology.

So you can break bread with your friends, family, and loved ones — distraction-free.

The last batch sold out in 4 days, so if you want one you better get on the waiting list.

Happy holidays, Canada!