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7 Reasons I Am Going To Marry You

Pretty straight forward. We get married pretty soon and I wanted to tell you in a very public way why I need you in my life!

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7. Your smokin hot:

Trivial but crikey, I have really batted well above my average here! It tickles my ego a little when I walk beside you, I get the feeling where I just wanna stop and start a flash dance and end with a big "YEAH that's right world... this is my girl :P

6. Your actully pretty good fun!

Once again, pretty clear what I mean here but your goofiness well and truly matches mine and I have nothing but fun every moment we are together. If it's cooking, dancing, trivia games or even shitty household chores we have a knack of making it fun and enjoyable. I hate being bored, and with you, plain and simply I'm not.

4. Say cheese!

Deadest, talk about a smile that can light up the darkest of rooms. I'm lucky enough to get to wake up knowing every single day I get to see this. Literally, when you laugh, when you say something sweet or what ever it is that makes you smile, I promise you, I go weak at the knees (both my good one and my old man dodgy one).

3. Past, present and future.

I'm in a very lucky position in my life most others can only wish for. Every morning for the rest of my life I get to wake up with hope, determination and safety. That feeling is only made possible by the future and bond we have together. Without the dreams we share and the determination we have to achieve these goals together, life would be pretty pointless and boring and, as I already mentioned boring is crap!

2. Eyes

I really held off writing this one earlier on the list just because I cannot explain it the way it deserves. Every time I gaze into your eyes I see everything I will ever need from life. Everything else is not relevant to real happiness. There is just something so "eye catching" about your eyes, I cant even describe it so trust me, your eyes need to be on this list.

1. Love

No need to beat around the bush here, plain and simply I love you. I need you in my life and I'm not prepared to ever not have you in it. From day one I have known you're the person I need to have by my side fighting the challenges the world throws at me and I'm sure as hell always going to be in your corner. Together nothing is better and more loving than #MattnML...except maybe Chuck Norris...he is pretty strong.

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