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12 Amazing Tumblr Posts About "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them"

Because we all want to adopt and protect Credence.

1. Queenie is the queen:


2. Harry who?

smol-gryffindork / Via

3. Catfishing at it's finest:

hpmemes / Via

4. They are now my children:

sophiethevaliant / Via

5. *crying*

laiohlai / Via

6. Newt's middle names:

hpmemes / Via

7. This similarity:

slytherinvoid / Via

8. Luna married Rolf:

malfoy-matriarch / Via

9. The Niffler that stole the show:

burntlikethesun / Via

10. And I need you, and I miss you:

yayuijun / Via

11. These perfect text posts:

warsintothestars / Via

12. Oh, and these ones are pretty perfect too:

cartehr / Via

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