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    ‘Real Men’ Give Their Definition Of What It Is To Be A ‘Real Man’

    Accidental Bear Website and a few friends answer the question, What is a ‘Real Man’ for Manhunt Daily’s ‘Real Man Project’. “What is a real man? ” is an incredibly debatable question and an important topic of conversation. Does masculinity make you a real man or the other way around? The overwhelming response we got was, “No.” A real man is made up with many more ingredients than the most complicated recipe. We asked an eclectic group of men from pop singers, n 18 year old from Romania, a Marine, photographers, models and even gay vegan animal activist! We couldn’t of been happier with the answers we got and encourage you to keep sending in more videos in the future for ongoing debate and heated discussions. Men in video is order of appearance: bear pin-up Justin Irvine, photographer Dustin Cunningham, Buck, Greg Kerr, Race Bannon, Aaron Wessels, model Benjamin Godfre, Hero Menticider, Michael Lucid (Daminiana Garcia), founder of Gay Marines Facebook page Brett Edward Stout, singer Logan Lynn, Charley Sharp, Brian Maier, Daniel Thompson, Eric Fuentes, Andrew Zollman, Donnie Langley,, and of course Accidental Bear’s own Mike Enders.

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