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89-Year-Old Learns About Birds & Bees

89-year-old Jay Francis of St. George, Utah was watching a baseball game on Friday when he was attacked by bees. His son, Kevin, said his dad's face was "just covered in bees," like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Instead of "The Birds," maybe it should have been called "The Bees." Jay is recovering nicely.

Alan C. Baird 4 years ago

ROFLACGU (And Can't Get Up)

TechSense perfectly skewers the technology generation gap in "The Gift." [This scene from Knallerfrauen, a German sketch comedy series, features Martina Hill and Claus Dieter Clausnitzer.] Disclaimer: " iPads were harmed in the filming of this commercial..."

Alan C. Baird 4 years ago

Brit Seniors Show Hollywood How It's Done

To raise money for charity, a group of retirees aged 64 to 93 at Shenley Wood Village in Milton Keynes, UK dressed up and re-created their favorite 12 movie stills for "The Golden Age Of Cinema" calendar. Blimey!

Alan C. Baird 4 years ago

"Eat Your Heart Out, Oedipus."

--What that kid was thinking, on the TIME breastfeeding cover.

Alan C. Baird 7 years ago

How To Attract Blood Donors In Hungary

This is the current cover photo for the Facebook fan page of Önkéntes véradás - Magyar Vöröskereszt ("Voluntary blood donation - Hungarian Red Cross"). They may be onto something...

Alan C. Baird 7 years ago