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15 Television Shows That All Millennials Should Watch

This is a countdown of the top 15 shows that l think Millennials should watch. From the instant classics like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones to new comers like Stranger Things and others.

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15. Top Gear (U.K) / Via

I know what you're thinking, why would I want to watch a show about cars? Top Gear is much more about cars. It is a hilarious and educational show about cars, British stereotypes, amazing cinematography, and has amazing chemistry between the three hosts.

14. Narcos

Via Facebook: NarcosNetflix

I just may be coming off the high of season 2, but this show is great. Watching this show and thinking to yourself that this is history, not fiction. That is a scary thought to think about. One reason why this show is so amazing is because it almost makes you root for the villain aka Pablo Escobar. This show portrays Escobar as a family man who helps the poor of his country. The insane part about this is that we still see all the violence and horror he creates and he is still seen as a loving, caring, family man by the audience.

13. The Walking Dead

Via Facebook: TheWalkingDeadAMC

The Walking Dead (TWD) is simply put a great show. The writing in the show is amazing and not to mention the character development. The character development in this show is some of the greatest of all time. We follow a sheriff who goes from a morally right man to a man leading a group of people doing anything they can to survive, and spoiler alert, that includes killing people. Not to mention his son Carl. In season 1 he is an innocent child, and by season 6 he is a young man forced to grow up to quickly and has become a borderline psychopath in my opinion.

12. Better Call Saul

Twitter: @BetterCallSaul / Via Twitter: @BetterCallSaul

Better Call Saul is not as good as its big brother Breaking Bad. For most people it is too slow and not comparable to Breaking Bad. I disagree mostly with that statement. What made Breaking Bad in my opinion was the writing, directing, and the cinematography. All three of those factors are still in Better Call Saul. Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are two very smart people who know how to run a television show. I will get more in-depth later on in this countdown when we see Breaking Bad (spoiler alert).

11. Dexter

Twitter: @SHO_Dexter / Via Twitter: @SHO_Dexter

With Dexter you only need to watch the first 4 seasons. After that there is a steep, steep drop off. However, the first 4 seasons of Dexter are some of the best TV episodes you will ever watch. Dexter is about a serial killer, who works for the police as a blood splatter scientist, who kills people who escaped the arms of justice. Dexter the character is a complex psychopath who has no emotions and tries to maintain his relationships with his friends and family.

10. Parks and Recreation

Facebook: Parks and Recreation @parksandrecreation / Via Facebook: parksandrecreation

Sometimes you need to take a break from all violence on television and this is one of the shows to do it. This show is very funny. It has some of the funniest comedians around right now. It also gave birth to the manliest character ever created. Ron Swanson. He is one of my favorite characters in television history. This is a great show to kick back with friends and just binge watch.

9. Arrested Development

Via Facebook: ArrestedDevelopment

Seasons 1-3 of Arrested Development are simply amazing. Thats all that can be said. This is another great show to binge watch. One thing I love about this show is the constant jokes that always come back throughout the show. There is no laughter track in the show which means it is left for you to find the joke. I love that about comedies like this and The Office. Some of the recurring jokes are just as funny the 10th time you hear them as it was the first time.

8. Daredevil

Via Facebook: Daredevil

Daredevil is, as the picture shows, a Marvel show. Daredevil is the best product Marvel has put out since the first Iron Man in my opinion. Season 2 of this show was even better than season 1. Jon Bernthal aka The Punisher was amazing in season 2. Daredevil is also beautifully shot. I am going to link you to a video of just how amazing the cinematography is during it's fighting scenes.

Daredevil hallway fighting scene

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As seen in this video, this is a 5 minute fighting scene. This scene has no cuts. It was from a single camera throughout that whole fighting scene. This is just about the best scene I have ever scene from a cinematography stand point.

7. Stranger Things

Via Facebook: StrangerThingsTV

Stranger Things feels much different than any other show. This show feels like a mix of all the great 1980s movies. It is like a mix of The Goonies, E.T., Star Wars, Alien, and many other 1980s movies. This show is the perfect mix of comedy, drama, and even horror. You would not imagine a show about children would be as thrilling/scary as this show is. It has you sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time. I would have this higher on the list except it only has one season. If this had multiple seasons and it was still this good it would be ranked in the top 3 easily. That is how good this first season was.

6. Fargo

Via Facebook: FargoFX

I will admit this show is not for everyone. Fargo the TV series feels a lot like Fargo the movie from the Coen Brothers. This show can be slow and that turns many people off. However, this show is so well written it doesn't matter. But when this show turns exciting, you know it. The Coen Brothers are my second favorite directors (Behind Tarantino) as a result I may be a bit biased but this show is great. The Coen brothers are producers on this show which means their fingerprints do show up throughout the show. Another reason this show is great is because the big name actors it gets. Some of the actors include Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Kirsten Dunst, Ted Danson, Ewan McGregor, Bob Odenkirk, and even Nick Offerman.

5. True Detective (Season 1)

Via Facebook: TrueDetective

As the picture shows above True Detective (Season 1) has Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in it. McConaughey makes this show in my opinion. His acting ability to play a weird and messed up character is amazing. If I had to describe this show in one word I would use "disturbing." This show is amazingly written and shot. McConaughey's character is a very deep guy who asks deep questions about god, religion, and the earth. It is a crime drama about the disappearance of missing children and a fair warning it is weird. Its weirdness is what makes this show amazing. This show does have a season 2 with a ton of great actors. However, they rushed it. Season one was so amazing that fans, including myself wanted more. This caused the writers to rush it and it just wasn't as good. But I highly, highly recommend the first season.

4. House of Cards

Via Facebook: HouseofCards

If you have not watched House of Cards yet, I ask you, what are you doing. This show is amazing. The acting by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright is amazing. Their on screen chemistry is incredible. The one thing I love about this show is that they don't dumb it down for the audience. They expect their audience to be intelligent. This show is about a congressman's rise to become president and what he has to do to get there. As an example the first scene with the dog getting hit by a car is enough to get you hooked on this show.

3. The Office

Via Facebook: theofficenbc

This show is my favorite comedy and probably would have been my number one show of all time if Michael Scott stayed around longer. The first 4 seasons of this show is comedy gold. It provides endless laughs no matter how many times you have seen it. I went through and re-watched it this summer and I can honestly say that it was better the second time then it was when I first watched it on NBC. Each character is different and they work together to make this dysfunctional work comedy. It is worth watching to the end because even in the later seasons there are some amazing jokes/bits.

2. Game of Thrones (GoT)

Via Facebook: GameOfThrones

Game of Thrones will more than likely end as number one on this list but I want to see how the show ends. We have 2 more seasons to go before that is official though. GoT is simply put genius. It encapsulates everything I love about TV. It's gruesome, bloody, sad, heartbreaking, funny at times, and even rewarding if you pick the right character. George R.R. Martin is the author of the books that this show is based on and he is a genius. All I can say is do not get attached to many characters. More than likely they will die at some point and that is why this show is amazing. It is unpredictable. And another reason its great are the characters. According to Tech Insider there are more than 500 characters in this show. It is a lot to remember and thats intimidating but it is worth it because this show is so good. Its beautifully shot and the soundtrack is amazing. Not to mention the acting also. The actors and actresses in this show are amazing. In my opinion is it hard to find something wrong with this show. This is a must watch for everyone!

1. Breaking Bad

Via Facebook: BreakingBad

This picture is basically describing what you will be doing if you watch this show. I can't begin to explain how amazing this show is. This show is far and beyond the best acting, best writing, and best cinematography of any TV show or Movie I have ever seen. I know that is a big statement but I believe that to be true, even to this day. This show got better as it went on, which is incredibly hard to do for a TV shows. You cannot say that about many TV shows. The plot of this show is so unique that is boggles the mind. To pick up everything with this show you will need to watch it multiple times and trust me, it will still be amazing as the first time you watched it. I encourage you to drop what ever you are doing right now and start watching this show. Don't quit after season 1. I know it's a little slow but it is a set up for the rest of the series.

Honorable mentions

Sons of Anarchy, Community, Trailer Park Boys, The League, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, The Twilight Zone, Mr. Robot, and Justified.

I know that The Twilight Zone is from the 1950s but modern shows take a lot from that show. You will see themes and ideas from this show in almost every show you watch.

Thank you very much for reading and I'm sure you disagree with me. This is all matter of opinion and does not have a set guidelines.

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