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7 Questions We Have About Absolut's Naked People Video, With Answers

If you haven't seen the film yet, buckle up — or, should we say, unbuckle.

Absolut released a film about how the company is transparent in their production methods, becuase they have nothing to hide. The film spoofs a classic employee induction video.

But unlike a classic employee induction video, everyone in the film is naked.

Like, full-on, 100% nude.

We're talking butt-ass, birthday suit kinda bare.

This raises a lot of questions, and Absolut offered to give us the backstory. So here are all the questions we had, answered.

Question: Why is everyone naked?

Question: So what makes the vodka production special?

Question: Okay, but are the people in the film real employees or actors?

Question: 28 people? Is that, like, everyone in the factory?

Question: But were they really naked beneath the pixels, or wearing some sort of underwear?

Question: Weren't these people freezing cold?

Question: Is it dangerous to have naked people working at a factory?

And there you have it! Watch the film for yourself below and see just why Absolut has nothing to hide.

View this video on YouTube

Images © Absolut Vodka.