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7 Questions We Have About Absolut's Naked People Video, With Answers

If you haven't seen the film yet, buckle up — or, should we say, unbuckle.

Absolut released a film about how the company is transparent in their production methods, becuase they have nothing to hide. The film spoofs a classic employee induction video.

(Full video available at the bottom of this post.)

But unlike a classic employee induction video, everyone in the film is naked.

Like, full-on, 100% nude.

We're talking butt-ass, birthday suit kinda bare.

This raises a lot of questions, and Absolut offered to give us the backstory. So here are all the questions we had, answered.

Question: Why is everyone naked?

Answer: Absolut wanted to show how the company had "nothing to hide" about its vodka production. The nakedness is a metaphor — get it?

Question: So what makes the vodka production special?

Answer: Absolut has a CO2 neutral distillation process. They also source wheat from 338 farms in southern Sweden, and they know each farmer by name. Extra stillage from the plant is fed to local pigs and cows.

Question: Okay, but are the people in the film real employees or actors?

Answer: The film features 28 real Absolut employees (including the CEO!) and 28 actors.

Question: 28 people? Is that, like, everyone in the factory?

Answer: No, not all employees were featured in the video. You could say that every Absolut employee is a great producer of vodka, but not everyone is a great actor.

Question: But were they really naked beneath the pixels, or wearing some sort of underwear?

Answer: Believe it or not, some of them were really naked. Others opted to wear flesh-colored underwear.

Question: Weren't these people freezing cold?

Answer: Not at all! The cast wore robes in between takes, and they had heated rooms nearby for people to warm up inside.

Question: Is it dangerous to have naked people working at a factory?

Answer: The nudity in this advert is purely a metaphor for Absolut’s transparency about their vodka production process. No naked employees were injured during the making of this film.

And there you have it! Watch the film for yourself below and see just why Absolut has nothing to hide.

View this video on YouTube

Images © Absolut Vodka.