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Paid PostSep 27, 2017

What % Swedish Are You?

Embrace your Swedish sensibilities.

  1. Pick a berry.

    VWB photos / Getty Images
  2. Are you partial
    to trousers that show your ankles?

    Staras / Getty Images
  3. Which home office would you be most productive in?

    Image by Catherine MacBride / Getty Images
  4. It's August,
    and you're having friends over. What are you eating?

    Adrian Studer / Getty Images
  5. Pick a house plant you absolutely *need* right now.

    Jasmina007 / Getty Images
  6. You're with your friends & family at a Midsommar party, what are you drinking?

  7. You're relaxing in the sauna. What are you wearing?

    Spaces Images / Getty Images
  8. How many coffees do you drink a day?

    Guido Mieth / Getty Images
  9. Pick a pastry to eat with your coffee.

    Kathrin Ziegler / Getty Images
  10. What does "lagom" translate as?

    Anders Sellin / Getty Images
  11. Pick a wooden floor.

    Chatuporn Sornlampoo / EyeEm / Getty Images
  12. How do you like to treat yourself?

    Martin Barraud / Getty Images

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