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Why My Dad Is The Best Person I Know

love you, mean it

1. You participated in every single living room pajama dance party

....even if I only let you dance like a ballerina

2. You made it to every single early morning rodeo

even if you had work that night, which meant you got to sleep all day in a lawnchair

3. You always know how to make me laugh, even when I don't feel like it

" think I had a heart attack"

4. You are always open to naptime

and when I'm lucky, you share your favorite spot

5. You treat me like a princess

who would have thought you knew how to paint nails so well?

6. You have been there for every milestone

and I wouldn't want any other man to be there cheering me on

7. You said you actually liked the University of Arizona

...and you were more excited for orientation than anyone else

8. You are the one man that will always be on my side no matter what

9. The countless times you hauled things to and from Tucson

...and the many, many more to come


I could not imagine having a dad that didn't make beats that don't sound like the song they're supposed to be from on my door when he knocks, or a dad that doesn't have enough Michigan shirts to last him a lifetime without ever repeating one, or a dad that didn't make jokes literally all day. I have never went a day without loving being your daughter. You are an incredible person, a person that I am so proud of having as a father. Love you, mean it.

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