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Who Should Host The 2012 Oscars?

Now that Eddie Murphy has announced his withdrawal from hosting the 84th annual Academy Awards, Oscar heads are likely comparing notes to see who's next in line. Here are seven top-shelf comics primed for the job, but obviously they're plenty more. Add yours!

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1. Neil Patrick Harris

NPH would be the first second (thanks Steve!) openly gay Oscar host in history, and he puts on one hell of a Christmastime tap dance in the upcoming Harold and Kumar threequel. So those Best Original Song numbers should be cake.

2. Tina Fey

Tina Fey is probably the most respected woman in comedy these days, and she certainly has experience with live television. Plus she's Liz Lemon, and everyone knows there ain't no party like a Lemon Party.

3. Stephen Colbert

It'd be foolish not to have a politically-charged comic handle the show in an election year. Jon Stewart had his shot, and redditors love Colbert. So he's already got massive Internet support for promos.


5. Ricky Gervais

It's no news flash that the annual broadcast has been playing it safe the past few years, and Gervais proved himself a fearless ball buster at last year's Golden Globes. Despite some celebs getting their feelers hurt, the Hollywood Foreign Press has invited Mr. Giggles back for 2012. The Oscars should get a piece of him, too.

7. Eddie Murphy

If you watch Raw or Delirious today they hold up pretty well (ignorant homophobia aside), and there are few comedies that are cherished in the quotables department as much as Trading Places and Coming To America. Maybe he'll deliver some unforgettable one-liners if given the opportunity to perform live. Come on, Eddie. Pick up the mic again.

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