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    Oct 17, 2011

    Weekend Picks

    In case you didn't have the opportunity this weekend to scour the Internet for top-shelf buzz, fret not -- I rounded up the best bits right here. You may or may not feel smarter after looking at these, but you're welcome nonetheless.

    1. Grandpa Left A Video Will

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    The oldtimer reminds just how important family is. [link]

    2. NYPD Arrests Citibank Customer

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    The #OccupyWallStreet demonstrations expanded beyond Manhattan's Financial District on Saturday as thousands of protestors took to various parts of the city. Multiple arrests were made in Times Square as well as at this Citibank location near Washington Square Park. [link]

    3. Joey Quits His Hotel Job

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    A brass band in Rhode Island helped this hotel employee stick it to The Man like you've always wanted to. [link]

    4. This Baby Is Growing Up Too Fast

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    ... and his parents are probably going to Hell. [link]

    5. Trenchcoat Cat


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