Brian’s Favorite Buzz Of 2011

I watched all of these videos about 47 times each. So that’s, like, 517 YouTube views that helped make my 2011 all it could be. New Year’s resolution: Leave the apartment more often.

1. The Streets Are Empty And The Bars Are Full

2. Sassy Diva Gets Traffic Ticket

3. Next Star Wars

4. Henry’s Anytime Chili For One

5. Howard Stern Vs. Sarah Palin

6. Jokes That Didn’t Get Gilbert Gottfried Fired From AFLAC

7. Rebecca Black - Friday (Voice Dub)

8. Cain/Schwarzenegger 2012

9. Billy Connolly: “F*ck Off”

10. Coach Ballgame

11. Grandpa Left A Video Will

12. BONUS: The Time Insane Clown Posse Tweeted At Me Because They Thought I Was Bryan Abrams From Color Me Badd

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