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12 Months Of Dog

A photo journal of a labradoodle puppy's first year on earth.

The proud mum, a couple days after having her pups!

Day five, still in bed.

Eyes open!

First cuddles with her new mum.

4 weeks old.

Cute enough?

Hiding under the couch.

She didn't want the girly toys.



and more sleeping.

Did I mention sleeping?

There was a lot to explore and lots of mess to make.

She didn't enjoy her first bath in the kitchen sink.

Cold, wet and sleepy.

Look what arrived in the mail!

Swingball: Puppy Edition!

Lady has mastered the royal paw-cross pose.

Spending summer in the garden.

Did someone say treat?

The great slipper thief caught in the act.

A cheeky grin.

Stair gates are rubbish...

A spot of gardening.

A spot of sunbathing.

My first trip to the beach!

First walk in the snow. Everyone thought I was a polar bear.

They tried to put a garden table across the flowerbed but that's not going to stop me.

That's it! From May 21st 2012 to 2013. Thanks for reading :D

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