11 Reasons You Should Back Tiny Diapers For The Tip Of Your Penis On Thingstarter

Every guy hates dealing with male spotting — that extra drop that sticks around after you pee. Ed Daniels finally solves this problem with tiny diapers that fit snugly onto the tip of any penis.

1. To prevent that one drop that ‘sticks around’ after peeing

2. They are super absorbant

3. They fit snuggly around the tip of ANY penis

4. We use only the softest fabric available to prevent penis rash

5. Modified fanny pack for convenient application

The carrot represents the penis

6. Currently handcrafted

Takes 4 hours per diaper, but entirely worth it

7. Can ALSO be used to stop a leaky faucet…

8. …for sweaty nipples…

9. …as a tear catcher for when you’re crying…

10. …and if you’re incredibly tiny, use it as a normal diaper!

11. BUT Buyer Beware! Not to be used for full force peeing…

12. …pooping…

*You poop out of your butt, not your penis
**Use a regular sized diaper

13. …and is UNFORTUNATELY associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

Ask your doctor if you think you are suffering from TSS

14. If you donate, there are GREAT REWARDS

$10=10 Diapers
$20=20 Diapers
$30=30 Diapers
$40=40 Diapers
*$50=51 Diapers

*Best Deal

15. So PLEASE DONATE! The Time Couldn’t Be Riper for a Tiny Diaper™

Watch the whole pitch here! http://goo.gl/m0AFw

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