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    12 Frank Reynolds Moments That You'll Completely Understand If You've Been Self-Quarantining

    Things are getting weird!!!

    1. You got excited at the beginning of quarantine, because your brain automatically thought, "I can play Nightcrawlers with my roommate indefinitely!"

    2. Then you began offering your friends an egg in these trying times.

    3. You have found the value of using a toe knife.

    4. You've also started making less-than-desirable food concoctions.

    5. As a side hustle, you've started social-distance-selling knives and high powered vacuums door-to-door:

    6. You've also started sewing yourself into friends' couches during their self-quarantines to try and find out if they're talking about you behind your back.

    7. You found it wise to start boiling denim to avoid going to the laundromat.

    8. You've started hanging out under bridges because you tend to get cabin fever from sheltering in place.

    9. You need to let everyone know that if anything ever were to happen to you, that your final wishes are to simply be thrown in the trash.

    10. You've arrived to the point where your friends try to throw you a Zoom intervention for continuously drinking wine out of a can.

    11. You swear you used to be friends with a frog kid, but you find out you made up the frog kid because you were lonely during your self-quarantine.

    12. And finally, you have become nervous from reading the news and completely submerge yourself in hand sanitizer daily.

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