10 Most Dangerous Cat Breeds

CAUTION is required when purchasing these specific types of cat breeds.

10. The Hypno Cat

Pros - You won’t even know your taking care of it.
Cons - Will hypnotize you 99% of the time, so YOU won’t even realize your taking care of it.

9. Zombie Cat

Via roflcat

Pros - Needs little food.
Cons - May eat your brains while your sleeping.

8. Rabid Cat

Pros - Keeps pests away like your family dog or your children.
Cons - Contains an extremely potent form of rabies.

7. The Mad Cat

Pros - Keeps to itself.
Cons - Does not play well with others.

6. Vampire Cat

Pros - Not active during day.
Cons - May suck all the blood out of you while you sleep.

5. The Bottle Cat

Pros - Not highly active, extremely calm.
Cons - Is known to crawl into your ear and eat its way into your brains.

4. Suicide Bomber Cat

Pros - Has firm beliefs.
Cons - May destroy you and your house and most likely anybody near the vicinity.

3. Sniper Cat

Pros - Easily domesticated.
Cons - Owners seem to have random head explosions.

2. Kardashian Cat

Pros - Extremely glamorous and not shy.
Cons - Won’t listen to shit you say.

1. Psycho Cat

Pros - Enjoys classical music and fine cognac.
Cons - Will slowly torture and kill you while listening to Bach and sipping on Remy Martin.

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