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23 Tweets That Sum Up The Shit Show That Is 2016.

"Can we just "Cntrl, ALT, Delete" 2016?"

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1. We are halfway through 2016 and we can all agree that...

2016 has been absolutely fully ridiculous.

Via Twitter: @MKBHD

2. People are not feeling it

Via Twitter: @rodimusprime

3. at all

Via Twitter: @hopevanfine

4. Remember when we were all hyped about 2012?


5. the end of the world might have been nice


6. because 2016 looks like this

Via Twitter: @laurenduca

7. a shit storm

Via Twitter: @_onlycheer_

8. absolute trash

please watch this important, thoughtful documentary about 2016

Via Twitter: @jdkrach

9. Maybe the Mayans got the date a little wrong?

2016, strong argument in favour of the Mayan prophecy being four years too early.

Via Twitter: @s_m_i

10. Is 2016 mistake?

Please keep an eye out for time travelers on a mission to save the future, because 2016 is definitely a target year for them.

Via Twitter: @stacyking

11. It is definitely shaping up to be an interesting year

The Oscars in 2046 are all going to be dramatic movies about 2016.

Via Twitter: @jennyjaffe

12. bloody hell

2016 is the year all your favorite dystopian movies come to life.

Via Twitter: @worshipwarship

13. we've tried to be optimistic

Via Twitter: @ellievhall

14. this usually works

Have we tried unplugging 2016 waiting ten seconds and plugging it back in?

Via Twitter: @dongwon

15. this could also work

someone put 2016 in rice and see if it works out

Via Twitter: @prayingfodick

16. surely it can't get any worse?

Via Twitter: @carolineframke

17. what else can 2016 throw at us?


18. like actually

If 2016 continues at it's current pace I estimate that we're less than 4 years away from the 1st annual Hunger Games. #MayTheOdds

Via Twitter: @MatthewACherry

19. Same.

I would like to return 2016 for a refund. It is defective.

Via Twitter: @CoraCarmack

20. do we need a receipt?

Can we send 2016 back and get a new one? I think this one is busted.

Via Twitter: @jenmussari

21. its been a crazy 6 months man

I want to get off Mr. 2016's wild ride.

Via Twitter: @the_suzerain

22. Only 6 more to go

Via Twitter: @obi_wans

23. We can do it guys

If Queen Britney can get through 2007 we can get through 2016

Via Twitter: @SouthernHomo

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