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20 Things You'll Recognise If You're About To Graduate

Graduation is coming, Adulthood is looming. Please don't ask me what I'm doing with my life.

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Final year really did fly by

and you're not sure how you're finally done with your degree but you know there are some things you know don't want to deal with

1. Like when someone asks you what you want to do with your degree


please stop asking because you DO NOT KNOW

2. or what kind of job you want


not asking for too much, just want to play with puppies, eat loads of snacks and have Fridays off you know?

3. When people ask you how your last exams went


There isn't enough alcohol in the world to forget about it

4. or even worse how your dissertation went


such a foolish topic choice, do. not. want. to. talk. about. it.

5. And what exactly you think you got out of your uni

Can't wait to wear my medals for graduation


you made it out alive, that counts for something right?

6. Thinking about leaving your uni housemates


Who will you play 'the floor is lava' with at 3am?

7. and inevitably moving back in with your parents


You love them, but you really really don't want to live with them.

8. When people are discussing their plans for the future



9. and you find out they've already started applying for jobs


woah, its not a competition guys

10. Thinking about wiser ways you could have spent your last student loan


This was not the year to jump on the avocado toast bandwagon. Should have just stuck to beans on toast.

11. and all the things you'll have to pay full price for when your student card expires


Full price for Spotify? contemplating never listening to music again!

12. trying to look for a grad job and being overwhelmed


What does all this fancy jargon mean?

13. so you eventually just give up

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because good things happen to those who wait

14. and end up ringing that place you always go back to in the Summer and asking them if they've got any hours to give you


Help me, I'm poor.

15. That feel when you have your last night out at the Student Union


The last dance on the dance floor that you've owned for the past few years is bittersweet.

16. and when your housemates start to move out one by one


please. please.please don't leave.

17. Realising that procrastination isn't as fun when you actually have nothing to do


Trying to fill a void?

18. Getting that letter from the bank telling you your student account is upgrading to a graduate account


which means its almost time to start paying back your overdraft

19. No matter how many times you try to explain to your parents that you only get a few tickets for graduation so they can't bring your whole extended family they are still like


Why do they think you would lie?

20. and for the first time in years having absolutely no idea where you'll be in September

Even though you're not ready to enter the real world, when they call your name you’re gonna pretend you are…

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because you worked hard for that bit of paper.

Fake it till ya make it

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