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Does Frozen Live Up To Its Hype?

A look at the Disney movies to come before Frozen, and why it's really nothing special.

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I love Frozen just as much as the next 9 year old does, maybe more. But as a product of the 90's (Disney's glory years) I'm finding it incredibly difficult to listen to everyone react to the latest pair of Princesses like they're the Jackie Robinson of animated movies. Let's get one thing straight: Frozen is NOT the first Disney movie that teaches girls they don't need a man to save them. Nor is the first Disney movie to identify that you don't have to marry the first strapping young prince you meet. It's not even the first Disney movie to draw attention to true love outside of the traditional sense. Let's take a look at the facts:

1. When John Smith was tied up on a cliff and sentenced to death, who ran to save him? Our girl Pocahontas. When Shang is about to be destroyed by an avalanche, who pulls him to safety? Fa Mulan. When Eric is drowning, not once but twice, who comes to the rescue? The sweet little mermaid, Ariel. I hate to break it to you, but this is not a new trend.

2. These movies tend to end in marriage, it true. Try to remember that the demographic (girls in elementary school) likes kisses and a big pretty dress. However, even when two characters do fall in love, it's not like they're marrying a total stranger. Take Nala for instance. She and Simba were best friends from birth. Their whole lives they spent exploring and playing together. Nala certainly had other options, she said herself she thought he was dead. But they got together in the end because they wanted to spend their lives with their best friend. Jasmine and Aladdin are another prime example. Ever notice how a ton of random girls are all over the handsome street rat at the beginning of the movie? Aladdin wasn't interested. And Jasmine- too many suitors for her to even count. They fell in love because they both wanted to break away from the system. Not even love at first sight mind you, this pair could argue like no one's business. But they had common interests and enough common sense to recognize true love when it came along.

3. Finally, the first story to address a love among sisters! Phooey. Nani and Lilo have one of the strongest, truest bonds I've ever seen. They fight for each other. They protect each other. They sacrifice for each other. It's heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Ana and Elsa do not share the first or strongest sister bond. And how about other family? Merida, for goodness sakes doesn't even meet a lad. Ever. She learns to see her mother as a human, and love her unconditionally. Did everyone forget about the movie called BRAVE? Come on, I'm dying over here.

Frozen is a lovely movie, that's a given. Let's just try not to forget the preceding princesses, and all the magic that came before.

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